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MamyPoko Pants Standard Diapers, Large (34 Pcs)

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Diapers are slowly becoming a necessity for babies and hence MamyPoko has come up with MamyPoko Pants Standard. It is the most affordable diaper variant in the market. Backed by Japanese Technology brought specially from Japan to India, it has up to 10 hours of absorption for your child’s comfortable and peaceful sleep.

1. Crisscross absorbent sheet
2. Up to 10 hours* of absorption
3. Pant Style Diaper
4. Most Affordable Diaper
5. Absorbs up to 6 glasses of urine

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Gender Unisex
Weight 9-10kg
Recommended Age 13 - 18 Months
Size Large
Usage Type Disposable
Pack Size 34 PCS
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