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MamyPoko Pants New Diaper Pants Extra Absorb Small 105

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Many mothers are often concerned about their newborn child’s sensitive skin getting hurt and are unable to trust most diaper brands. MamyPoko’s pant style diapers are easy to wear and contain a soft touch inner sheet and an extra soft waistband that is gentle on the baby’s skin and helps prevent the red marks on the waist area. The MamyPoko NewBorn comes in special sizes for your little ones who are upto 3kgs and 5 kgs , the NewBorn – 0 and NewBorn- 1. It also has a naval care shape which is a special cut in front of the diaper to keep the umbilical cord uncovered. These diapers also have a crisscross sheet and stretchable thigh support which soaks up all the wetness, without any leakage and makes sure that your child has a good night’s sleep without any heaviness.

1. First Pant Style for new born
2. Navel care shape
3. Cute Design from Disney
4. Stretchable Thigh Support
5. Crisscross Absorbent Sheet

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Gender Unisex
Weight 5-6kg
Recommended Age 4 - 6 Months
Size Small
Usage Type Disposable
Pack Size 105
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